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The Skinny Years

Raul Ramos y Sanchez

Surfers, soul brothers, hippies, and thugs--they're all part of Victor "Skinny" Delgado's world growing up in Miami during the turbulent 1960s. Fleeing the Castro regime in Cuba, Skinny's once-wealthy family moves from a mansion in Havana to a roach-infested bungalow in Miami's low-rent Wynwood district. Over the next ten years the Delgados struggle to survive in this strange new land--a place where fat men in red suits enter your home through the chimney, demons appear at the door begging for candy, and young women go on dates without chaperones. There's only one constant in Skinny's world as he grows from 8 to 18. He longs in vain for the girl of his dreams: his neighbor Janice Bockman who seems everything American--and everything he's not.

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9972644-1-8

Ebook ISBN: 978-0-9972644-0-1

Hardbound ISBN: 978-0-9854034-9-2

The Skinny Years - Cover

Acclaim for The Skinny Years

"Vivid, engaging, well-paced, with compelling characters. A terrific book."
Ralph Keyes, best-selling author of Is There Life After High School?

"A complex, humorous, and utterly absorbing coming-of-age tale."
Foreword Reviews - Monica Carter (Five-star rated)

"As nervy and improbable as Oliver Twist and The Goldfinch. And that's saying a lot."
Rebecca Coffey, journalist, humorist and author of Hysterical: Anna Freud's Story

"Destined to be a classic"
Maria Ferrer, Latina Book Club (Book of the Month selection

Author Raul Ramos y Sanchez

International Latino Book Awards Best Novel Winner

Writers League of Texas Fiction Award Finalist

Cuban-born Raul Ramos y Sanchez grew up in Miami’s cultural kaleidoscope before becoming a long-time resident of the U.S. Midwest. After a successful career in advertising that included founding an ad agency with offices in Ohio and California, Ramos turned to more personally significant work.


This began with developing a documentary for public television, Two Americas: The Legacy of our Hemisphere and also creating — an online forum for the U.S. immigrant community. Works of fiction by Raul include the Class H Trilogy (America LibreHouse Divided and Pancho Land), the coming of age novel, The Skinny Years and Mustang To Paducah

The author and his work have been featured on television, radio and print publications across the country along with a host of online media sources.

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