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About Us

Thanks to the explosive changes in in the industry, traditional publishers are no longer the only channel available to authors—or to consumers. Even so, the “big five” and the “smalls” collectively retain an important branding role in the industry. The presence of one of those corporate names on a book or eBook assures readers that the content has been vetted for quality.

Beck & Branch offers readers that same assurance. In fact, our authors have been evaluated by the most rigorous of judges: their peers.

Launched in 2012, the Beck & Branch list of authors and titles is purposefully short, for the firm operates as a collective. Beck & Branch does not accept submissions, and membership in the collective is limited to authors previously printed by a traditional publisher. We are especially interested in working with authors of literary nonfiction,  literary fiction, and humor, and with play and screenplay writers. Our literary studio’s mission is to provide readers with a trusted source for books and performance material of the highest caliber while giving authors the greatest possible peer support, creative freedom, and fiscal opportunity. We believe this new approach to publishing will work to the benefit of everyone.


Support for Other Presses and Authors

On occasion, Beck & Branch provides consulting support for other publishers and their authors.

Currently, we are helping promote the book Einstein: The Man and His Mind (Damiani Editore, November 2022).

Designed by award-winning book designer Yolanda Cuomo, a long-time collaborator of Diane Arbus, the art book displays much of what may be the world’s largest private collection of Einstein images and memorabilia. Alongside the images is text that tells stories of Einstein’s life and work and that places the images in their historical context.

Einstein: The Man and His Mind has received the overall Grand Prize in non-fiction, as well as the Gold Prize in History, Gold Prize in Science, and Europe Global Award, from the 2022-2023 Reader Views Literary Awards. Click here to flip through the book online.

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