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The Current Fantasy

Charlie Haas 


In 1914, a counterculture grows in the German woods -- artists and anarchists fleeing cities, money, and the Internet of their time: telephones, telegraph, electricity. There’s a better life to be had, with flowing hair, naked farming, Expressionist art and freedom.

As the Great War looms closer these bohemians take off for California, “the America of America,” where rumor says you can get away with living your own life. The Lanzes, a family of four from Berlin, follow them and help build Sunland, a short-lived paradise in San Bernardino County.

The Sunlanders’ Sunday musicales draw crowds from Los Angeles, and for a moment in time the desert blooms with premonitions of Woodstock and Burning Man. In a while the violence of the era closes in, and Sunland proves too tender to last. But a funny thing happens: as years go by, the dream that was dreamed there ripples out into the world, and hasn’t vanished yet.

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Paperback ISBN: 979-8-9885505-4-9

Ebook ISBN: 979-8-9885505-5-6

Advance Acclaim for The Current Fantasy

“I was immediately drawn in. What a wonderful novel about an unusual group of California pioneers -- sly, knowing, and deeply human.”
-- Marilyn Johnson, author of The Dead Beat, This Book Is Overdue, and Lives in Ruins


“The Current Fantasy is a rich, original novel whose prose often lifted me off the page with its jolts of revelation."
-- John Thorndike, author of The World Against Her Skin

“The Current Fantasy explodes on the retina like a tintype brought to life… It has heart, soul, art, and the promise of Giant Vegetables, equally charming and alarming as it tells what is perhaps the last great untold chapter of the California Story."
-- Don Wallace, author of The French House and One Great Game, editor of The Hawaii Review of Books


“The history of Utopian communities is a consistently melancholy one, and the aspirations of the founders of such communities are all too easy to mock. But Charlie Haas resists this facile temptation, and instead extends deep human sympathy to a group of German expatriates attemptingto create a natural paradise in Southern California in the early years of the last century. Comprehensively researched, vivid both sensuously and emotionally, The Current Fantasy is an original and wonderfully entertaining piece ofwork.”

-- Erik Tarloff, author of All Our Yesterdays

Author Charlie Haas

Charlie Haas’s writing has appeared in The New Yorker, The Threepenny Review, Esquire, New West, and many other magazines. His screenwriting credits include Over the Edge, Tex, Gremlins 2, and Matinee. His novel The Enthusiast (HarperPerennial) was a San Francisco Chronicle Notable Book of the Year.

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