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COVER  - Live Not By Lies by Patrick Coffey
COVER -The Bottle Conjuror
COVER - BeyondPrimates by Rebecca Coffey
Cover - Another Way Home by John Thorndike
Cover - Again & Again by Juliet Wittman
Cover - Mustang To Paducah by Raul Ramos y Sanchez
Cover - The World Against Her Skin by John Thorndike
Cover - King Robin by R. A. Moss
Cover - Stocker's Kitchen by Juliet Wittman
Cover - A Hundred Fires In Cuba by John Thorndike
Cover - Science & Lust by Rebecca Coffey
Cover - The Skinny Years by Raul Ramos y Sanchez
Cover - Nietzsche's Angel Food Cake by Rebecca Coffey
Cover - Pancho Land by Raul Ramos y Sanchez
Cover - Sunland by Charlie Haas
Cover - A Nice Piece of Flying by Robert J. Flood


News & Events

Live Not By Lies - Kirkus Review

Released in October 2023, Review Copies are still available.

Learn more

The World Against Her Skin - Hoffer Award

John Thorndike's provocative novel won the Micro Press top prize at the 2023 Eric Hoffer Awards.

Learn more

Again & Again Artwood Praise

The eminent author and poet had some kind words for Juliet Wittman's latest novel. Learn more


Story Analyst at HBO, James Chatterton, deemed MUSTANG TO PADUCAH "ripe for adaptation" in his cinematic coverage.

Learn more

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